December 1968, No 12 696 
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The contents of this issue (kindly lent to us by Bernt Karlsson) :

Front Page: Picture of National Golf Handicap Tournament
Page 2: Notes from Buchanan. Granges Interested in Peru's Copper. Dividens are up.
Page3: LAMCO Golf Clubhouse Dedicated-National Tournament Played. (Picture of clubhouse)
Page 4: More golf coverage
Page 5 :When YEKEPA had 52 Doctors
Page 6: Reflections of a Traveller (Picture story on artist Roland Svensson)
Page 7: News from the Mine (picture of mine area)
Page 8: The LAMCO Telecommunications System
Page 9: Page 8 story continued.
Page 10: Television Story The NIMBA (story on how TV could be received from Ivory Coast)
Page 11: Honoured For Long, Devoted Services. Dead Air Over The Air (story on LAMCO radio).
Page 12: Stitch in Time Saves Nineteen (story on dressmaking in Buchanan, picture of Britt Kulnik)
Page 13: Focus on Personnel (pictures)
Page 14: continued (pictures, Ras Pedersen, R. Goldschmidt and M. Kunmeh).
Page 15: continued (pictures of James Nimrod, George Manning, N. Johnson and T.K. Anderson). Also list of 23 names of new arrivals in Nimba and Buchanan.
Page 16: The Amateur Radio Club. Pictures of Gunnar Mathisen with radio equipment, and hand of lucky winner of SAS ticket to Copenhagen.

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