November 1966, No 6 693 
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The contents of this issue:

Front page: Tubman and Waldenström.
Page 2: Greetings from the general manager and Lamco Board In Annual Meeting, plus pictures of Marcus Wallenberg, Johnston Avery, Erland Waldenström and Trygve Angel.
Page 3: Profile of President Tubman, with picture.
Page 4: Dr Tubman Spends A Day With Us - pictures of dignitaries and massed salutes.
Page 5: More pictures - inside Christ the King Church Yekepa, Little Miss Ciata Victor planting kiss on Tubman, and Mrs Tubman in Liberian Outfit.
Page 6: Bravo! The Play Was A Success - pictures from a stage production, Burgess Houston, Larry Rowe, Kaare Melts, Eliza Yedey, Inger Doe, Serina Cooper, Göte Ask and Peter Burge.
Page 7: American Wives In Liberia Launch "Stay in School" Campaign - with Mrs Lowe, Mrs Al Shoucair, Mrs John Barner, Mrs Ben Hill Brown Mrs Arthur Zimmerman. A story on School uniforms in Nimba and Sanniquellie.
Page 8: LIO Pays Dividens, picture of S.S. Cord. Names. Patients Appreciate YWCA's Mobile Library, with picture.
Page 9: Focus on Personnel. Pictures of Michael Doe, Samuel Gibson, Richelieu Morris and Ulf Oeberg. Wedding of Robert L. Eriksen and Inge Skov and Magistrate David Toweh.
Page 10: Lamco's Ferry Ends 6 years of Service. Pictures of LAMCO ferry across St. Johns River on the road between Monrovia and Buchanan.

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