60s pictures
  A collection of pictures from the mid to late 1960's. Pictures all taken by Bengt G. Pettersson and various others.


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Image 48. Ulf Olsson has this picture of the water works. Early 1960s.
Image 49. At the water works.Ulf Olsson.
Image 50. Ulf Olsson.
16. Where is this? Peter Gaul sauggests it may be the entrance to the VTC. Comments?
17. Is this view from Yekepa? Perhaps Grassfield?
18. The Open House cinema. The rock balanced on steel poles dates the picture - but exactly when?
19. Sandy Clarkes Square.
21. Anybody recognise the people?
23. Cold Store on left, library at right.
24. Dogs.
26. Outisde the TeleFunken store - how long did it stay there? Run by a German lady named, perhaps?, Brackebusch.
27. The side of the Cold Store.
29. Area B. As seen from Recreation Building.
30. Outside the Open Door theater.
31. Rainy day.
32. In the Textile workshop of the Recreation Building. Merete Thejll holding fabric n left. Others? Tell us!
33. Sewing machines in the Textile Workshop.
34. Rainy season at the Main Office Building.
35. Fruit-selling lady outside Circle II in Area F.
36. Mists on the Mountain, as seen from F56.
37. Guys at a meeting - who - Åke Karlsson, standing up, says Gert Nilsson. Tell us more.
38. Lennart Broberg says that the guy sitting in the middle definitely is Jose Campos, Spanish, who was the chief controller in Lamco, and a very good tennis player.
39. Mission control at NASA?
40.Lennart Petersson. Was in Yekepa 1963-68, and again 1985-1987, then named Wittenby.
41. Something being built.
43. A really big engine. Electricity power plant?
44. Ore bins.
45. The scales, for loading ore cars.
46. Ore dumps into a railroad car.
1. In the data processing deprtment about 1963/64. The man furthest to the right is IBM-engineer Lars Lundin. The Liberian in the middle is trainne Josso. Turned towards the camera is either Ulf Melin, or possibly Bernt Malmkvist.
2. At the Hospital.


3.Gert Nilsson thinks this may be Ray Robson, waiting for his wife Dot. Can anyone confirm?

4. At the Hospital - who is this man?
5. E-school. Stanny Sweebe is the teacher.
6. E-school. Who is the teacher?
7. E-school. The teacher on the left is 'Ceciel' Dennis.
8. A school building?
9. E-school outside the toilets and gym changing rooms.
10. Teacher?
11. At the E-School. Why is this group of men visiting Yekepa so thoroughly?
12. Recreation Building, in the Ceramics workshop. The wooden discs on the potters wheels are still the ones fabricated in Yekepa - the real ones came a year later.
13. Recreation building. Bengt Pettersson. This is before the lumber-shelf was in place and many of the tools had been wall-mounted. 1965?

14. Outside Recreation Buidling. Note heat haze against the Mountain. Who is the big guy to the right?


15. On the road in Yekepa.


F house, sitting room. ca. 1966.

By Peter Thejll

General strike. By Recr. Bldg.

1966? Anyone know?

By Bengt Pettersson

Boy loking at Area E from Area F.

ca. 1967.

By Peter Thejll

Hi to Hans and Dorte!

Sometime 1967'ish.

By Bengt Pettersson

Clcik on image for larger version Man and moped. Who is he? Where is the picture taken? Sometime 1965-1967. By Bengt Pettersson.
Sandy Clark Square. Sometime 1965-1967. By Bengt Pettersson.
Sandy Clarke Square. Sometime 1965-1967. By Bengt Pettersson.
Sandy Clarke Square. Library in background. Sometime 1965-1967. By Bengt Pettersson.
Who are these guys? Are they at the F-mess? Sometime 1965-1967. By Bengt Pettersson.
Area F. Loop I. Sometime 1965-1967. By Bengt Pettersson.
Area F. Loop I. Note dog is on leash! Sometime 1965-1967. By Bengt Pettersson.
This is Tord Eriksson. Sekka Valley? What pipe is that? Sometime 1965-1967. By Bengt Pettersson.
Anybody recognise this man? Sometime 1965-1967. By Bengt Pettersson.