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The Yekepa Memory Project

These are the items showing work done from the start of this site since 1999.

September 2010: Gert Nilsson identifies Harriet Elfving as one of the E-school teachers in the late 60's. See here and here. Antoen Koenen identifies one of the Kindergarden teachers in Picture 7.

August 2010: Gert Nilsson identifies Åke Karlsson of Personnel Department, and possibly Ray Robson. See pictures 3 and 37.

June 2010: Yes! We have been slow! But we are still alive! People in image 1 identified by Ulf Melin.

November 2009: Lennart Petersson (Yekepa 1963-68) identified by Birgit Wittenby.

October 2009: Lennart Broberg helps us identify one more person in image #38 of the 1960s images. Kurt Eriksson also helped us identify some of these images. Please help us identify places, people and dates.

August 2009: 35 more pictures from Yekepa in the early to mid 1960s added.

July 2009: New (old) pictures from Yekepa in the 1960s have been scanned and added - please have a look, and let us know if you recognise any people or places!

February 2009: Thomas Johannesson is soon leaving Liberia, and has compiled a stunning sequence of pictures of Yekepa and other places. Take a look!

January 2009: Emanuel Sandberg has visited Yekepa in 2008 and gives us these pictures. He also sent us this Lamco Weekly Bulletin from July 1982. Thank you Emanuel! Does anyone have more of the LWBs? When we changed server we lost quite afew things - now we have found one again: the 2001 pictures that Kurt Eriksson sent us!

April 2008: Anne Heiwe Ferngren has given us more information about the people in the 1968 picture with President Tubman. 20, 28, 19 and 46 are now named - 20 is uncertain? Let us know what you know!

March 2008: Thomas Johannesson, geologist in Yekepa during 1965-1977 has made recent pictures from Liberia, including Yekepa available. Thanks!

January 2008: Thanks to Petra we are able to add Lamco News from May/June 1976. Any additional material you may have can be added - please contact us!

August 2007: Is anyone in Yekepa online? If you are in Yekepa and have access to email, please contact us! We see that there are computers at the old E-school - perhaps there is Internet access too?
Good news for Yekepa, finally? See comment #9 on the Yekepa Wordpress site. Also see these fresh pictures from a renovated Yekepa!

May 2007: Per Axbom tells us he has used the song 'President Tubman' as a ring-tone on his phone! You too can do this - see the sound recordings we have. Lamco News Mar/Apr 1975 and July/August 1975 on line now, thanks to help from Kurt Eriksson.

March 2007: See these Yekepa photos!

New issue of Lamco News scanned and uploaded - thanks to Kurt Eriksson!

January 2007: There is an entry about Yekepa on Wikipedia - why not contribute?

December 2006: Panorama of Yekepa added. We have lost who sent us this! Who can help?

November 2006: Lamco News May-June 1974 and Jan-Feb 1975 are added, thanks to Petra Hochstenbach. Heidi helps us with the EP cover for the Ali Ganda song. Kurt Eriksson provides another sound file from radio ELNR, from 1968.

October 2006: Yekepa Home on the Web is back! Following a lengthy search for a new place to put the site we return undiminished.

April 2005: Emanuel Sandberg provides 4 cartoons from 'Inquirer'. Two more kids identified in 'mystery class', thanks to Lena Åberg.

March 2005: One more kid identified in 'mystery class', thanks to Anders Gränsmark.

January 2005: Two more kids identified in 'mystery class', thanks to Patrick Jonsson.

December 2002: Upgrade of joined image of the view of area E from area F, thanks to Kurt Eriksson.

November 2002: December 1967 issue of Lamco News added, again thanks to Kurt Eriksson!

October 2002: A Lamco-School home page has been announced by Björn Edsholm. February 1967 issue of Lamco News added, thanks to Kurt Eriksson.

September 2002: March 1970 issue of Lamco News added, thanks to Kurt Eriksson.

August 2002: April 1970 issue of Lamco News added thanks to Kurt Eriksson. 1998 pictures of Nimba mine added. October 1968 issue of Lamco News scanned.

July 2002: Special issue of Lamco News 1972 added. Thanks to Petra Hochstenbach.

June 2002: Lamco News September 1968 added.

May 2002: Lamco News April 1968 added.

March and April 2002:

February 2002: NIMBA VHS casette tape available. 1960's B&W pictures added

December 2001: Lamco Information December 1964 scanned

October 2001: Lamco News March 1968 scanned

August 2001: Lamco News Jan/Feb 1968 scanned

May 2001: 'Sounds of Liberia' page started - click and listen to Liberia!

April 2001: 'Then&Now' page of pictures started - got any additions?

March 2001: Updated most links on our 'Liberia links' page, and added a link to Randy Sweeten's home page for Bomi Hills.

February 2001: Images from Yekepa added, thanks to Bernt Karlsson. Reunion picture addded thanks to Emanuel Sandberg.

Announcement: The surplus from the sales of the book "En Äventyrlig historia", about Lamco in Yekepa, has been donated to aid Liberia.
The book has now been sold in more than 500 copies. The surplus has been forwarded in equal parts to Caritas and Médecins Sans Frontières. Both organizations are involved in humanitarian work in Liberia. Thanks to all readers, each of the organizations has now received SEK 25 000. The book, at a price of SEK 200 + postage, can be ordered from
Hans Ardelius
Karlbergsvägen 46B
S-113 37 Stockholm, Sweden


January 2001: More words added to Liberian Speech book.

We have a new link to this site - please update your bookmarks! It should read

November 2000: Pictures of Lamco mine, and ore truck, and some aerial views, in 1985 added thanks to Emanuel Sandberg and Kurt Eriksson. Colette has helped us with pictures and an account of the 1983 rail bus crash. Lamco News Oct/Dec 1973, Jul/Aug 1974 and Nov/Dec 1976 added, thanks to Ulla Sherman and Kurt Eriksson.

October 2000:
Radio ELNR now on the home page. Lamco News Nov/Dec 1979 scanned

September 2000: Book of Liberian Speech scanned.

July 2000: New book about Yekepa announced.

May 2000: New Liberia currency. Stamp of General Quiwonkpa added.

April 2000:
May 1967 Lamco News scanned.

March 2000:
Trond Torkildsen scanned an issue of Liberian Star newspaper.
December 1970, and October/November 1970 issues of Lamco News scanned by Peter Gartsjö.

February 2000: A page for Art, inspired by Yekepa has been added. Lamco News February 1970 and November 1973, scanned by Peter Gartsjö has been added.

January 2000: A Lamco Passport pamphlet added, thanks to efforts by Peter Gartsjö!. January 1967 (and March) as well as the July/Aug/Sept 1973 issues of Lamco News scanned. More present-day residential area pictures by Bernt Karlsson. "LAMCO Liberia" promotional pamphlet, and LAMCO News from September 1966 scanned. Thanks to Peter!

December 1999: LAMCO News Nov. and Dec. 1966 added. More images added thanks to Stefan Forsmark - try the new 'Nature' button at left and also have a look in 'Community'.

November 1999
Stamps, and Photos from 1998 of Yekepa added, thanks to Bernt Karlsson.
3 more E-school pictures added; 1969-1972, thanks to Linda Hutton. December 1968 and May 1970 issues of LAMCO News also added. Link to additional Finnhamn reunion picture(s).

MAY 1999 Seven official color pictures from Buchanan are added to the site. Please mail to us if you can tell us anything about the pictures.

Newspaper clipping in Swedish tells a story about Dick Johansson.

Another copy of Lamco News was scanned.

We got a Christmas post card from Eric Forsmark.

APRIL 1999 More copies of Lamco News scanned. Pictures from Recreation Building during 1965-1968 are ready to view. A birds eye view from 1965, a map from the Nimba Area and an overview of the Community Center are added. Eric Forsmark sent us four post cards. A mailing list is set up.

MARCH 1999 Some pictures from the swimming pool are added.

FEBRUARY 1999 Added a page with scanned Liberian stamps. Yowser. Scanned four copies of Lamco News.

Updated the Liberian Links Page. Scanned pictures from E-school. /J.

JANUARY 1999 We set up this site.


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